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SpeedzStudios's News

Posted by SpeedzStudios - 8 days ago

Posted by SpeedzStudios - 1 month ago

Posted by SpeedzStudios - December 15th, 2019


Posted by SpeedzStudios - December 14th, 2019

Hi so here are da plans

1. All the games now there aren't new games but there are the old games like Speedz's Puzzle Qwest and GeneriTale I will have to just take it off the website listing cause the project fille won't open and it's html file is broken so I will just Have Speedz's Puzzle Qwest

2. The new games are Speedz's Puzzle Qwest 2 and maybe a platforming game of types thats like the old genesis games or mega man games

3.I have started the file for Snow Day(Christmas special)

4.i might have a blog for the website kinda like how I had in the old old website where it was just a blog

5.so I am thinking of having downloads page(inspired by H*R)

To download wallpapers,animation soundtracks and...random animation tests and gifs

Whelp that's it!-Speedz

QUICK EDIT: Just so these dont get annoying this will be the last NG blog Website update there will be teaser but no more blog posts for while

Posted by SpeedzStudios - December 7th, 2019

Ok so the new website design is coming along pretty good and i just learned how to use a image instead of a blank color as background in dreamwever so yes though background I made is ok but I am not proud of it so yeah I also put some new fonts in it as well what I wanna try for the background is go for a pixelely box background or striped background sorta like Edd's old website and that's it for now! And now animation news uh I havnt start the Christmas short yet but I will get it done soon and now game news ....thats it see ya!

Posted by SpeedzStudios - December 4th, 2019

Here some plans

1. I am gonna be redoing all the pages

2.yes everything will be in html dont worry

3.2 new features

4.Weekly Comics

Ok there you go


Posted by SpeedzStudios - November 29th, 2019

Posted by SpeedzStudios - October 20th, 2019

1.New Website?!

Maybe if I can figure out any other methods

NO not accepting coders anyway there will also be downloads for stuff

2.Wrath of the evil animator Sequel

ROTEA Coming 2020!

3.Creepy Carnival

Coming Halloween 2019

4.For thinksgivng I will revamp Thanksgiving Special 2018

5.Remember Speedz Shorts?

It's getting rebooted!

Ok that's enough


Posted by SpeedzStudios - October 7th, 2019

I am making a animation titled Harder Better Faster Evolved or HBFS Evolved I am gonna be using a daft punk remix for the audio and I might put some pepole in their for characters so if you wanna be in it tell me


Posted by SpeedzStudios - September 7th, 2019


its a puzzle game!,Play this on your home computer and or portable cellular device!

Play as a bad graphics Speedz,solve simple and boring puzzles and the last level is the longest!